2016 Home Shows Announced

January 10, 2016

Southeastern Elevators, manufacturers of custom residential elevators, outdoor lifts, light commercial elevators, and mobility lifts is the pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at the following home shows:

Charleston Home & Design Show

  • January 29-31
  • Gilliard Auditorium
  • Booth #59

Myrtle Beach Home Show

  • February 12-14
  • Myrtle Beach Convention Ctr
  • Booth #707, #708

Add an Elevator to Your Exisiting Home

January 9, 2016

If you just love your home and want the convenience of an elevator or if you need the mobility that only a residential elevator can provide, contact Southeastern Elevator today. One of our professionals will do an onsite survey to determine which options may be available to you. Adding an elevator may be more affordable that you think.

If an inside elevator is not a good option, an outside elevator may be a suitable option. Southeaster Elevator is a dealer for The Outside Elevator, a durable platform lift made for the out of doors. See this product by clicking here.

Don’t Let Limited Mobility Stand In Your Way!

January 8, 2016

At Southeastern Elevator, we understand that limited mobility can also limit your independence and ability to move within your home. It’s time to stand up and get your independence back! Installing an elevator in a home that is already built can be a hefty investment. Our goal is to provide the most affordable limited mobility solutions in North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer chair lifts and stair lifts that are cost effective and can be easily installed in your standard stairwell. They provide a modern appearance without becoming an eyesore to your decor. Don’t wait until there has been an accident or injury. We recommend installing a lift before limited mobility becomes a serious issue. Stairs can be a dangerous obstacle that you may want to try and conquer, but can be detrimental to your health. Give us a call to explore solutions for limited mobility and we will help you gain back your independence and freedom within your home.

Southeastern Advantages

January 7, 2016

As you select an elevator company, be sure to ask:

  • Are they local, and will they be most responsive to my needs regardless of the time of day?
  • Do they manufacture AND install AND service to ensure the best possible performance?
  • Do they custom design each elevator or lift to optimize the available space?
  • Do they offer the best value for you money? That is, do they offer the best quality, with the most features, with the shortest leadtime, at a competitive price?
  • Do they source nearly all of their components from within the US to ensure quality, reduce leadtime, and support the US economy?
  • Do they use primarily off-the-shelf components to minimize downtime and repair cost?
  • Do they offer the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry?

Southeastern Elevator is the Carolina’s residential elevator specialist. We understand the unique design requirements of home elevators as well as the unique needs of the property owners. Whether you are adding an elevator to your existing home, or you are planning for your new construction, Southeastern Elevator is uniquely able to provide the best quality, leadtime and service in the industry.

To begin, our elevators are made locally from off-the-shelf commercial parts, meaning you get the shortest leadtime possible. While competitors need several weeks or even months to deliver your kit to your home or site, we can have the entire elevator built and installed in a matter of days. Why wait if you don’t have to?

Next, since we are local to NC and SC, we can offer the best service imaginable. Although other elevator manufacturing companies sell their products across a wide territory, very few of them offer responsive and timely support. You are forced to work with a service company who may or may not be there tomorrow. However, Southeastern Elevator covers only the Carolinas. We design and build our own products, not simply reselling someone else’s. We know our products better, and we support them better. Why not have the manufacturer also service your elevator?

In addition, since we manufacture our own elevators, we eliminate the distributor mark-ups that can make elevators so expensive. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Finally, Southeastern Elevator offers the best and most comprehensive warranty in the business. We make the best elevators, and we prove it by having the best warranty. Why risk it with anyone else?